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Jackalope Ranch's Gift Guide for the Mom

Still holiday shopping? So are we -- and we've been taking notes. Introducing our series of gift guides for your "easy to figure out, but hard to shop for" friends -- and family. Today, Jackalope Ranch's Gift Guide for the Mom.

She gave you life, for crying out loud. So what do you give her? Nothing but heartache, pal. Nothing but heartache. Change it up this year -- we've made it easy.

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5. For the Whimsical Mom: Ashley Weber's Kite Necklace (price: $46)

Has Mom ever told you to go fly a kite? Tether her heart to yours with this beautiful necklace, created by Phoenix artist Ashley Weber. You can find Weber's jewelry for sale at the ASU Art Museum as well as on her etsy store, Against the Grain.

4. For the Mom who Can Keep Kids Alive -- But Not Much Else: Concrete Succulents from Hard Goods (price: $124 for a set of 3)

Let's face it: Mom's busy. She can't be expected to keep up with your shit and maintain a garden. Reward her hard work with these gorgeous impossible-to-kill plants -- appropriately dubbed Grey Thumb -- from the latest drool-worthy addition to the Phoenix shopping scene, Hard Goods. Just don't buy her a concrete foot (we saw those there, too) or she might just drop-kick you out of the nest, bud.

3. For the Crafty Mom: Gift Certificate to Beads Galore (price: varies)

If your mom tunes you out when Martha comes on and pays more attention to her Pinterest boards than your medical school boards, a gift certificate to the best bead store in town is sure to please. At Beads Galore, the selection is giant, the prices are reasonable (particularly when there's a big sale, which is quite often) and best of all, we recently arrived with a gift certificate that had expired more than a year ago -- and the friendly staff happily honored it.

2. For the Introspective Mom: Far From the Tree: Parents, Children, and the Search for Identity by Andrew Solomon (price: $37.50)

One of the most intriguing books of 2012 is right up the maternal alley. This book explores what it's like to have a kid who's different from you -- and covers everything from blindness to pure genius in thoughtful but bite-sized chapters. We suggest you pick up a copy at Changing Hands Bookstore.

1. For Every Mom: A Day at the Spa (price: varies)

But not just any spa. Our longtime favorite is the Camelback Inn, and with good reason. From the staff to the surroundings, the service is top-notch and every detail is covered, including gorgeous views of Camelback Mountain and take-home sachets. Buy a service and you can use the sauna and Jacuzzi or just hang by the pool for the whole day. Just be sure to include a little extra on that gift certificate so Mom can order lunch. Tell her to get the yellow gazpacho and the signature citrus scrub. She'll thank you later.

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