Jackalope Ranch's Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Her

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Personalized perfume Our memories are tied closely to our senses, particularly our noses, which is why the smell of cookies might remind you of your mother's baking in December or how your wife's lingering scent on the pillow might remind you of home. Since smell is that important, skip the Chanel No. 5 and traditional perfume counters at department stores and create the perfect unique fragrance for her at Citrine Natural Beauty Bar in Union at the Biltmore.

The shop's two-ounce custom blends ($110, $125, and $180) highlight scents like juniper berries, vanilla, black pepper,or Egyptian jasmine for a unique "flavor" profile combination that lasts from day to night. If you're apprehensive about creating a scent for her, Citrine also sells fragrances from Apothia LA and Kai, that are so nasally appealing you won't mind smelling like her the next day.

Custom-made designs from Cleo & Clementine It's no secret that buying a woman clothing for any occasion (birthday, holiday, or just for the hell of it) is a gamble. Your sizing might be off. The style won't be right. It could seriously offend her, and, frankly, you run the risk of ruining the relationship. How can you avoid this while still buying her something that will make her look and feel as beautiful as she is? Simple. Made-to-order designs from Cleo & Clementine.

Okay, yes, designer Monique Sandoval is known creating gowns that eventually walk down the aisle, but her Melrose District boutique will create a stylish custom piece for any style and event -- from skirts ($120) to silk ($520). If the pressure's too much, the store also sells stationary and gifts from Rifle Paper Co. as well as in-house created headpieces and accessories.

If your girl's less frills and more old school, but just as one-of-a-kind, look no further than vintage finds from Vintage by Misty in Scottsdale or Meat Market Vintage in Tempe. Each caters to a different kind of style, with the former a little more upscale (think vintage Chanel), and the latter a little more rock 'n roll (Ozzy and Rolling Stones concert Ts aplenty), but you'll find a unique piece for her at either, ranging from $38 to $450.

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