Jackalope Ranch's Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Him

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Jump out of a plane at Skydive Arizona Chances are if this isn't your first -- or second -- February together then it's not your relationship's inaugural rotation around the sun. Maybe it's time to spice things up and go out of your comfort zone; time to do something you never thought you'd never even considered doing with another human being before.


For virgins, Skydive Arizona in Eloy, about halfway between Tucson and the Valley, takes the title for training national and international skydiving champions (yes, that's a thing) and boasts the largest drop zone in the world from 13,000 feet up. The facility features a Valentine's Day tandem special for those who make reservations on February 10, 13, or 14, with a discounted price of $282 per couple. Solo prices range from $79.99 to $199.00 per person, depending on experience.

Because you know what's better than make-up sex? Adrenaline-filled we-almost-could've-died sex. You can thank us later.

A different kind of ride Tread lightly with this option, but after ripping the bow off a new bike he's less likely to ask, "Does this mean you think I'm fat?" and far more likely to be rearing to ride.

The guys over at State Bicycle Co. offer dozens of standard model choices from fixie to city bikes ranging from $382 to $945. Looking to separate him from the pack? The Tempe-based store specializes in custom bike design, from handlebars to the spokes and wheels.

Overwhelmed by too many choices? Head to The Heavy Pedal in downtown Phoenix for a Zephyr Bike frame ($649.99) in blue or, yes, pink, or have the experts at Landis Cyclery's four Valley locations help you find the perfect set of wheels.

Getting your guy all limbered up has added benefits for you, too. It may finally be time to crack open that Kama Sutra book he got you as a gag gift two Valentine's Days ago, and use it for real.

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