Jacki O. Set to Publish Mag Featuring Scantily Clad Nerds and Hipsters

Jacki O. has done some crazy things over the years as an artist, but she's really about to outdo herself.

Coming in August is PoolBoy, a DIY magazine devoted to the male form.

In other words, naked photos of dudes.

Jacki O., a local multi-media artist and writer, has been pushing Phoenix's art-scene envelope for years. She used to publish several popular zines, including Your Invisible City and Desert City Death Distro. Most recently, she exhibited an intricate junk sculpture in Mesa Arts Center's "Resurrect: Art of the Reclaimed Object" exhibit.

With PoolBoy, the publication, according to the mission statement, was created "to help fill the gap (pun intended!) between the sorry assortment of adult visual material available and what women really desire." Citing the defunct NYC-based Sweet Action as an influence, Jacki O. "decided to go into the porn business and create a magazine featuring hot naked dudes along with interesting articles, features, interviews, reviews, and more."

BTW, PoolBoy is not some sort of haphazard and hurried attempt at showcasing sexuality. Things have been in the works for close to two years now, which has included a regularly updated blog that's existed since March 2009.

"We are really really excited about this first issue. It is shaping up really well. We're almost done with getting contributor materials and only have a few more people to hassle," says Jacki O., who adds that PoolBoy "will feature the type of dude you actually want to see naked: the cute nerd you saw at the library, the hot hipster from last night's show, and the grad student you stare at in class.

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