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Jackrabbit Lounge: New-ish and Improved

Pardon the dust at Jackrabbit Lounge, but it's much needed, according to co-owner Don Serpe.

For the past few weeks, the fancy-pants Old Town Scottsdale club, known for its 4,000 square feet of glitz and glamour, has undergone some minor renovations as well as some rumor squashing. This weekend, the fruits of some of their efforts will be unveiled when the new patio and bar areas open to the public.

"The club needed a facelift," says Serpe, "because the buzz had died down a little bit."

Serpe, along with Michael Aprati, purchased the spot last month, and the two have managed to renovate the in-need-of-a-fresh-coat-of-paint space without ever closing its doors. They're hoping that the raising-the-bar upgrades -- including new black tile floors, sleek décor, and booths -- will make the spot the happening hang where Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Tiger Woods, and Carmen Electra have posted up in the past.

When/if the renovations are completed by mid-September as planned, expect a full schedule of events that include upscale Wednesday nights featuring European-inspired Latino culture; a Rat Pack throwback each Thursday; a hip hop and Top-40 eve every Friday; the continuation of the popular club event Ratio Saturdays; and an early-night improv showcase on Sundays.

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