James Przewlocki

23-year-old Phoenix native James Przewlocki is a musician, producer and member of local neo-soul band Home Jones. His style, ambition and integrity are easy to note -- the guy involves himself in just about any musical endeavor that comes his way.

His open-minded approach to learning about different genres and involving himself in many different pockets proves Mr. P isn't afraid to step out of his comfort zone. It also proves Phoenix does, indeed, have some serious potential, especially when opening our minds, eyes and of course, our ears.

We caught up with Przewlocki on out latest wingman venture in Tempe, but we still can't pronounce his last name correctly ...

The Meet Up: ASU School of Music building to sit in on a jam sesh of his newest music collaboration with best friend and Home Jones bassist, Kevan Aaron, spoken word diva, Wisdom Serena Richardson, vocalist Meelah, and vocalist, keys/ piano player, Terrence James

The music building offers these small and sweaty rooms to be reserved during certain times for practice/recording sessions. And though tonight is only the second time the group has played together, the music is enough to induce a few goosebumps. Przweocki and Kevan call this collaboration's sound "fire," but for the rest of us it could be considered as new wave jazz/ gospel/ soul with a style all it's own.

The Company: Most of our time in the room has a serious and professional vibe but the blending of the group's personalities is rather entertaining. Being that Wisdom is also a hypnotist, she suggests sending us into a calming hypnosis to end the band pratice. During the time Wisdom take us into a calming trance with her soothing voice and relaxing thoughts, Przewlocki's cell phone goes off-- the ringtone, a person yelling "the person calling you is a ..." over cop sirens, making us all burst into laughter.

Przewlocki and Kevan decide we should head over to Casey Moore's for a few beers after the

practice. Over the past year the two now come as a packaged deal, calling their duo Animate Productions. 

Later we are met at Casey's by Przewlocki's beautiful and friendly girlfriend, Jenna, and we learn the two have been together for over a year but have known each other since they were 11.

Favorite Spots: P recently moved to Chandler but says he used to live down the street from Casey's, making it a convenient spot to grab a beer. Other regular spots include Bobby C's, Warrens Jazz Bistro, an occasional venture to Bar Smith (especially on Wednesdays and Fridays) and an underground/ private hip hop after hours joint in Tempe called Suite TwentyFive.

Przewlocki makes it clear that though Phoenix tends to be more spread out compared to other cities, you have to know where to go in order to know what you like -- venturing out and saying yes to everything tends to lead to something bigger.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.