A recent trend in the indie music world seems to be bands comprising simple two-person setups who try to make their music as distorted and lo-fi as possible. Though the trend may not be for everyone, it has produced some decent music so far — just look at bands like No Age or Wavves. Japandroids, a guitar-and-drum duo from Vancouver, British Columbia, often gets lumped into the same category. It’s not hard to see why if you listen to their debut album, Post-Nothing. Guitarist Brian King delivers plenty of fuzzed-out guitars while drummer David Prowse maintains a steady beat. The nice thing about Japandroids, however, is that, unlike the bands previously mentioned, it doesn’t take itself too seriously. While No Age write songs about living paycheck to paycheck and playing the shittiest venues L.A. has to offer, Japandroids like to keep things a little lighter. Sure, you’ll still get the occasional angst-ridden song, like “I Quit Girls,” but you also get songs like “Wet Hair,” in which Japandroids want to “French kiss some French girls,” and “Rockers East Vancouver,” in which they reminisce about getting drunk with the boys.
Mon., April 19, 8 p.m., 2010
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Mike Escoto