Jason Sadler Gets (Over)Paid to Wear T-Shirts and is Looking for a "Professional Shirt Wearer" in Phoenix

Jason Sadler will wear your company's latest (and probably lamest) tee -- but it'll cost you. The 30-something based in Florida launched in 2009 as a way to "a way to make some extra money without actually 'working." 

Every day, he and his five-person team of walking billboards wear a company's T-shirt and blitz their own social media accounts with updates, photos and videos.

Two years later, he's still wearing shirts. And from August 27 to September 6, the self-described "professional shirt wearer" and certain author of his own wikipedia page will be walking the streets air conditioned spaces of Phoenix looking to recruit another team member for 2012. 

"Yes, that's right," his own marketing rep writes, "Phoenicians will have the chance to get paid for just wearing a t-shirt everyday." 

The gig may sound easy -- anyone could wear a T-shirt every day, right? But you'll be up to some pretty stiff standards. Sadler writes that he wears the shirts for the entire day "even if he is attending a wedding or eating a fancy dinner with his girlfriend." 

Lucky girl. 

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Claire Lawton
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