Jason Wu for Target: The Good, The Bad, and The Stuff We'll Tear Your Hair Out Over

If you're losing your mind with excitement over Jason Wu's diffusion line for Target, which doesn't hit stores until Sunday, but you can't handle waiting any longer, then you're in luck. Pieces from the Taiwanese, Manhattan-based designer's capsule collection have made their way to eBay.

There's just one tiny, little catch: prices inflated by more than 250 percent.

We advise that you take the traditional route -- speed to every Target in a five-mile radius (okay maybe 10) until you find what's rightfully yours at a reasonable price point. (Just kidding. Don't speed.)

Of course, you could give online shopping a shot, but we all remember the total and utter disaster that was attempting to snap up items from Missoni for Target online last September.

Four Things That are All Yours 1. Cream Flared Dress: We are so over lace underskirting that extends beyond skirt hemlines. Make it stop. 2. Cream Straw and Canvas Clutch: That straw weave? Yeah. We can already see it fraying. 3. Blue Floral Canvas Mini Saddle Bag: Unless you are 13 years old this is unacceptable. 4. Milu Print Canvas Tote: There's probably a way to wear a cat illustration and not seem bananas. This isn't it.

Five Things We'll Tear Your Hair Out Over 1. Navy Poplin Dress: What's not to like? It's a sleek dress in an on-trend neutral with a touch of color blocking and a summery stripe. 2. Blue Floral Scarf: For those in between spring days when it's not cold or hot and you want to drive with the top down slash pretend to be Marilyn Monroe. 3. Milu Print Scarf: A scarf that skews super cute on the possibly-insane-cat-lady scale. 4. Cream and Black Front-Flap Bag: Super sleek two-tone handbag? Don't mind if we do. 5. Black Trench Coat: Hurray for spring coats! This one also comes in navy.

Start prepping your shopping strategies ...

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