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JB Snyder's Fifth Street Paint Supply Now Open in Downtown Phoenix

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Three months ago, and certainly a year ago, remnants of a massive Quincy party would still clutter Snyder's home the day after. Crushed cans of Tecate or Pabst Blue Ribbon might be found in the corners, strewn beside discarded cigarette packs and clear cups.

Instead, the crevices of the store were clean and polished the Monday night after. A half-smoked pack of American Spirits sat on the floor between Snyder and Hoopes as the sound of a live jazz band at Lost Leaf wafted across the street through open doors. It seemed like any number of quiet nights spent in the front room of one's home as the clock neared midnight -- except this time Snyder was not only sitting in his living room, he was sitting in his business.

The idea of starting their own paint supply store predates the house, Snyder says, tracing it back to at least four years ago when he quit the workforce and began painting professionally full-time. To collect the striking spray paint he uses in his own work, Snyder shopped heavily at Wet Paint art supply in Tempe before it closed in 2012 -- a relationship he fostered after being the resident artist at Yucca Tap Room's Blunt Club.

More often than not, the paint process relied on custom web orders from companies that were hard to find in Phoenix, and certainly impossible in the downtown area -- the same companies Fifth Street Paint Supply now proudly brings to the public.

The store specializes in selling Montana Colors, a 20-year-old company based out of Barcelona, Spain, with product names like "Hardcore," "Alien," and "94." They're the only paints Snyder uses in his own murals around town because the vibrant colors are high-gloss and don't fade in the sun. Individual spray paint cans will run between $6 to $8 depending on the particular type, while discounts are available for purchases of 12 or 24 cans and wholesale prices for 50 cans or more.

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