Jen Deveroux Seeking Submissions for Valentine's Day-Themed Photography Show

When it comes to Valentine's Day, there are generally two types of people: Those who are totally twitterpated with a celebration devoted to hearts, flowers, and romance, and those jilted or cynical folks who either are refugees from multiple bad relationships or simply don't give an eff about the occasion.

With this in mind, Jen Deveroux is hoping that the all-photography group exhibition inspired by Valentine's Day that she's organizing will offer works that will pique the interest of both lovers and haters of the hearts-and-flowers holiday. As such, the nightlife promoter is seeking photos from local shutterbugs that either commemorate or condemn the notion of love and romance.

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The currently untitled exhibition -- which will be on display at Gypsy Bar on Saturday, February 9 -- will feature photos encompassing all manner of subjects related to matters of the heart.

"It's a Valentine's show so a lot of it will deal with love or lust, bitterness or romance, or whatever," Deveroux says. "Basically, I'm looking for vintage-looking photos, nudes either tasteful or explicit, black-and-white stuff, or vignettes...things that just capture love in some sense or whatever the artists interpret as [being] related to love or heartbreak. Some photographers aren't going to do anything related to the theme but most of them are."

She's also encouraging artists to submit pictures that range from the sensual and fetishistic to more cerebral or high-concept photos regarding the nature of love.

"There are a couple photographers involved that that don't shoot subjects but they shoot abstract scenes or concepts," she says.

So far, Deveroux - who's staging her first all-photo show after putting on such visual art exhibitions as Lampchop and runway shows like Medusa's Revenge -- says she's received around 50 entries, which includes works from such local photogs as John Carbis, Jonny Synthetic, Jim Hesterman, and Katherine Vega.

The exhibition on February 9 will also have live shoots with models by lensmen Daveed Benito, Joey Couture, and possibly Tate Hemlock (all of whom have also contributed pieces) where their photos will instantaneously appear on both of Gypsy Bar's twin projection screens above the dance floor.

Those interested in having their pulchritudinous pics displayed alongside such local photographic standouts have until Sunday to submit their work to Deveroux via her e-mail. She says that JPEGs, TIFFs, or links to online portfolios will be accepted.

And Deveroux says it doesn't matter how the particular photos were shot (whether with Instagram, an iPhone, or a digital SLR) as she's more interested in the content and quality of each submission rather than the method in which it was shot.

"An Instagram pic could be just as great as a photograph from $3,000 camera to me when I look at it," she says. "It all depends on the talent of who's shooting."

Jen Deveroux's Valentines Photography Show takes place Saturday, February 9, at Gypsy Bar. The deadline for submissions is Sunday, January 13. E-mail info@jendeveroux.com.

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