Jennifer Paige Boonlorn's Remodeled Beadle Loft

Designer Jennifer Paige Boonlorn's sleek mid-century modern condo in Phoenix is a clean slate for creativity with white-washed walls and simple, bold furniture.

And while the results of her latest endeavor, a handbag line called Soul Carrier, have yet to hit the shelves, a few of her favorite inspirations can be seen throughout her Al Beadle-designed loft home.

Get a sneak peek at the handbag line and an inside look at Boonlorn's house after the jump.

The Parsons graduate, who counts Marc Jacobs and Rodarte among her favorite fashion designers, collaborated with college friend Andy Brown, a former sales rep for GSTAR and Drifter, to create Soul Carrier.

Made from recycled fabrics woven together, the bags are finished with canvas interiors and webbing (seat belt material) for straps.

"It's the kind of bag you'd take to a farmer's market," Boonlorn says. "They're kind of bohemian, chic, earthy, and soft."

The bags hang on clamps like artwork in Boonlorn's living room. Her workroom floor is lined with plastic containers holding the 200 pieces that comprise the line. And up the spiral staircase stands a mildly menacing mannequin, draped in fabric weaved in the same manner as her bags.

Boonlorn says she and another college friend, architect Bob Wilkinson who also did the remodeling work on her home, designed the materials covering the mannequin for a mannequin exhibition that Barney's held during its Scottsdale Fashion Square grand opening two years ago.

"I loved the material and wanted to work with it more," Boonlorn says. After showing prototypes to Brown, the two began collaborating and now have a full line of bags.

Soul Carrier consists of five styles: An oversize wristlet, the large Kelly Beth tote, the slightly smaller urban tote, a clutch that doubles as an iPad case, and a messenger bag

Bunky Boutique will host a launch party for Soul Carrier on Thursday, September 15, from 7 p.m. to 9.

Refreshments from Cupcakes will be served, and the purses will be available for purchase, priced between $40 and $120.

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