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Jenny Poon's Phoenix Wish List for 2013

To wrap up 2012 and kick off the new year, we've asked a group of local activists, artists, architects, and business owners to put together a Phoenix wish list for 2013. Up today: Jenny Poon.

Jenny Poon is the fearless founder of two local startups. eeko studio, a Phoenix-based boutique design agency and CO+HOOTS, a coworking space in downtown Phoenix. She says her passion lies in analyzing information and developing clear and clever visual design and messaging for her clients.

The local entrepreneur has worked over 10 years in the design industry and has used these passions to fuel the creation of Phoenix's first coworking space, a shared workspace for valley entrepreneurs to connect and collaborate. Here are a few of her Phoenix wishes for 2013:

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1. Explore your city. Ever wonder what's beyond that mountain to the north or south? It's ok, the world doesn't end there. Beyond it are other great cities, gorgeous views and communities just waiting to be explored.

2. Help a stranger.

3. Ride your bike. Lend your bike to a friend who has never seen the city by bike.

4. Look at someone who scares you. And smile at them.

5. Ride the lightrail from one end to the other, at least once.

6. Support a Phoenix charity by volunteering and writing about it.

7. Take at least one course on something you know nothing about. Welding, starting a business, painting, hoolahoop twirling. Whatever tickles your fancy.

8. Spend an afternoon on the grass in any one of our lovely parks in January to remind yourself how amazing it is to be in Phoenix. Heck eat some ice cream while you're at it. Perhaps lay out in a swim suit.

9. By 2014, I would like to see all Phoenix creatives on a giant public list spotlighting all the talent here and proving all the naysayers wrong. Talent is here. Let's show them.

10. Can one of our mad scientists in Phoenix create some kind of technology the keeps us cool all summer long? Pretty pretty please?

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