Jeremiah Wilkerson and Andrea Beesley Bring Dr. Diabolic's Traveling Roadshow & Fun-time Variety Hour to Phoenix Art Museum

The past weeks have been busy for local movie buffs Jeremiah Wilkerson and Andrea Beesley. The geeky cinéaste couple, who formerly ran repertory theater The Royale in Mesa, has been frantically preparing for the impending arrival of their first child.

Oh, and the pair has also been busy transforming into their dastardly alter egos of Dr. Diabolic and Nurse Narcotica (respectively) and furthering an insidious plot to world domination. Or at least that's the bizarre backstory of their new film series The Dr. Diabolic Show.

Wilkerson and Beesley will unleash the peculiar project when they bring Dr. Diabolic's Traveling Roadshow and Fun-time Variety Hour to the Phoenix Art Museum.

The duo will host the funky fete, offering a combination of nasty and nerdy fun that includes screenings of the infamous 1940s horror serial The Crimson Ghost, local drag queen Becky B's campy antics, a performance by comedians from Galapagos Improv, and a staging of the Phoenix Ulitmate Geek Smackdown.

-- By Benjamin Leatherman

Price: $10

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