Job For A Cowboy

It seems like most bands from Arizona couldn't escape their desert roots if they wanted to. While Job for a Cowboy is a death metal outfit of the hardcore variety, their name surely reflects their Glendalian roots. The west side band has received huge amounts of national attention, including from The New York Times and Rolling Stone. While I still maintain that any subgenre ending with the suffix “-core” is made up and, this invalid way of pigeonholing music has been used to describe the heavy handed band's earlier works in the “deathcore” category, while their newer records move a bit away from that. Though The New York Times described them as sounding indirectly derived from hardcore punk, stylistically, this description is a bit abstract. Their last release Ruination though delves into more political themes a la the punk tradition, and includes songs titled Constitutional Masturbation, March to Global Enslavement, and Psychological Immorality. Now that these fired up locals have made a national name for themselves, an in-town performance is less commonplace. Get your local-core on while you can.
Thu., May 27, 7 p.m., 2010
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Sarah Ventre