John Robert Scott's Family History

Name: John Robert Scott

Age: 31; 28 When I got the tattoo

My Sleeve: I had the tattoo done in Dallas by an artist named Jack Hatchet out of his personal shop which he moved to Philadelphia weeks after completing my arm.

The story behind the tattoo sleeve is somewhat humorous based on the fact that my mother hates tattoos and cried when I showed her my first one, yet she is very proud of this one because of its many religious symbols, as well as a tribute to her, our culture and my own life, all in one.

The praying hands are something I have always wanted as a tattoo on my body since growing up. My mother always had a statue of them in the house and I found the statue to be very interesting and the image was always appealing to me. The tattoo also includes a day of the dead skull as well as Our Lady of Guadalupe which are further representations of my mother's religious beliefs and full faith in the lord.

On the shoulder I have my area code from back home which is 714 for Huntington Beach and an image in the background of the Los Angeles skyline, as I love the LA. I further show this by having the Los Angeles Dodgers symbol about halfway down the arm.

On the inside of my forearm there is the state of California with landmarks showing important places to me such as the area in which I was born (that I marked with a star), as well as the San Francisco Bay Bridge since it is my father's birth place. Also, there is an anchor for San Diego, a symbol to my father's service in the navy. Also visible are the California redwoods and the pick axe as a tribute to the 49ers who came during the gold rush and also myself and my father's favorite NFL football team.

Filling in the space that was not yet covered I had the artist use roses as another symbol of my mother because she has always loved gardening and even owned a nursery in Southern California named Mexican gardens.

Next Tattoo? My future plans include finishing the artwork on my ribs and a back piece in the image of the last supper of Christ as a tribute to my grandparents who always kept the image above their dinner table which I spent many a holiday eating at while staring at the image.

Know of any interesting marks? Send us your suggestions/submissions.

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