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Johnny Knoxville and the Jackass 3D Party at Tempe Marketplace

Photos by E. Groves
Johnny Knoxville at Tempe Marketplace
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It was an evening of killer swag, aluminum foil pom-poms, roller girl collisions, and epic fecal images at Tempe Marketplace last night, when



Johnny Knoxville

showed up to promote the upcoming release of

Jackass 3D

(in theaters October 15), along with director Jeff Tremaine.

About 400 fans received invitations for the promotion, which included a screening of seven minutes of footage from the film at Harkins theater and an after party with Knoxville and Tremaine at the Tempe Marketplace District Stage.

And while Knoxville didn't staple a cactus to his forehead or anything, the evening was full of surprises.

We didn't get into the Jackass 3D footage screening, but we did ask some fans what sort of things were flying from the screen while they watched. One fan said that the 3D wasn't as good as what you'd see at IMAX, but recounted one scene involving an outhouse and a bungee cord, where "crap splashes all over the camera."

Now that's entertainment. After the screening, everybody headed over to the District Stage for the meet-and-greet with Knoxville and Tremaine. Numerous people were already in the area to greet them, including ASU cheerleaders and the Arizona Rollergirls.

ASU cheerleaders showed up to root for Jackass.

Local radio station Power 98.3 was on hand, along with a handful of local businesses that handed out freebies, including College Times, Halo Piercing, Atomic Comics, and Slices Pizza. Hell, there was even a bar, which served the hundreds of fans well while they waited in line to meet Knoxville.

Knoxville and Tremaine were introduced by Sparky (the ASU mascot) and Young MC (the guy who did the '80s song "Bust a Move"). Both Knoxville and Tremaine were dressed casually in jeans, and Knoxville was wearing sunglasses.

Young MC and Sparky introduced Knoxville and Tremaine.

He thanked everyone for coming to the Jackass 3D footage screening, and exclaimed, "Wow, there are girls on roller skates here?"

For the next hour, Knoxville and Tremaine sat at a table on the stage, signing posters and taking photos with the hundreds of fans who came to see them. And there were plenty of interesting things to overhear in the crowd. When Knoxville first sat down onstage, a roller derby girl behind us said, "When Jackass first came out, I was in high school, and I thought [Knoxville] was so hot. He's still hot."

Knoxville and Tremaine sign posters for fans.

Hot and popular. We weren't able to get anywhere close to Knoxville, but we did get to watch roller derby girls wipe out on the cobblestones.

Oh, and we got to watch the Jackass 3D trailer, too. Check it out below.

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