Jonathan Adler for JC Penney: The Drool-Worthy, The Bland, and What's on Our Wish List

When we heard the famous potter and interior designer Jonathan Adler was collaborating with JC Penney to create an affordable home accessory collection, we jumped in the car.

Adler, who designed the Parker in Palm Springs and has 19 of his own namesake stores worldwide, has an iconic style that's whimsical, approachable, and downright enviable. Lucky us, his pieces, titled "happy chic" are now available and flying off the shelves at JC Penney. Here are our picks for the Drool-Worthy, the Bland, and a few pieces reserved for our Wish List (take note, friends ...):

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1. Set of 3 Nesting Tables -- $300 Simple and multi-purpose.

2. Charlotte Chevron Mug -- $8 Because coffee always tastes better in a stylish mug.

3. Pedestal Bowl -- $50 Good for food or decoration.

4. Embossed Ceramic Stool -- $200 Just don't slip.

5. Bleecker TV Cabinet -- $800 The cabinet you've been hunting for at vintage shops -- in perfect condition.

The Good: The Bland: 1. Katie Set of 3 Heart Nesting Trays -- $35 This would only be acceptable if every day was Valentine's Day ... and you didn't have a Valentine.

2. Ceramic Elephant Stool -- $200 Because your guest shouldn't feel like part of a circus act.

3. Katie Round Pouf -- $90 Because you should be getting rid of your cheesy dorm furniture ... not collecting more of it.

4.Owl Accent Lamp -- $35 Have owls jumped the shark yet?

Wishlist: 1. Bleecker Leather Accent Chair -- $1,475 Boss chair.

2. Bleecker Coffee Table -- $575 To go with your fancy new mugs. 3. Crescent Heights Lacquer Bookcase -- $1,100 Because good books deserve a good bookcase.

4. Chevron Wool Rectangular Rug -- $500 Great room accent, and even better stain concealer.

Check out the whole collection on the JC Penney website.

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