Joseph "Sentrock" Perez Presents the Steady Grindin' Award Tonight at Lost Leaf

The votes are in and tallied and tonight local artist Joseph "Sentrock" Perez will present the Steady Grindin' Award.

The award -- a $250 gift card to Arizona Art Supply along with art supplies -- will be given to one artist based on four qualifications: progressiveness, originality, work ethic, and community involvement.

The artists, including Monica Robles, Ashley Macias, Hope Thru Art, Eric Cox, Isaac Caruso, and Lauren Lee, have been up for vote all month at a few local businesses and boutiques.

Sentrock says Steady Grindin' is his way of recognizing local talent and giving back to the community before he packs his bag to attend art school in Chicago.

"I've been given a lot by the community," he says. That means a huge deal to me. So I wanted to find a similar way to recognize and support local artists."

According to the local artist, it was a close vote, and he's keeping the winner a secret until the presentation tonight at Lost Leaf. The event, which includes live art by nominees Isaac Caruso and Lauren Lee, kicks off at 9 p.m.. Perez will present the award around 10 p.m..

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