What Are You Wearing?

Justine Nations' Model Minimalism

​Phoenix native Justine Nations is more than just a pretty face. Even though she's signed with FORD Models, one of the most recognized names in the modeling industry, Nations doesn't like being defined by her line of work.

"I want to show people that I'm not just a model," she says. "I have a brain, and I have a personality."

This 5-foot-11-inch redhead studies psychology at Phoenix College, and hosts a weekly podcast.

"There's two sides to me," she says. "A lot of times, I'll dress really minimal and a bit more androgynous. And sometimes I'll mix it up with Eastern Indian and Asian influences."

What are you wearing?
A white floor length skirt made out of chiffon with an over-sized tan sweater from H&M. I've got on black vintage lace-up boots I found at Butter Toast Boutique. And I'm wearing a gold necklace from my French great grandmother, a gold heart-shaped necklace from my grandmother, and a silver skull necklace with a gothic-style key.

What's the most attention grabbing thing you've worn?
This skin tight, black spandex dress with lace cutouts. It had cutouts on the chest, shoulders and  hips. I wore it to a designer's event in New York City. 
What's the last item of clothing you bought?
I got a couple of T-shirts from a boutique in Chinatown in New York City. One of them was made from a super thin, organic material and it had geometry patterns on it. I'm a huge nerd so I really like that kind of stuff.
Where do you usually shop? 
Usually, I shop online. I go to ASOS online. I also shop at H&M and Butter Toast Boutique.

When did you start thrifting?
The kids I ran around with in high school were always going around to the Goodwills and Savers, and I've always been a fan of vintage. I like going and finding stuff that fits my style.

What is your favorite item you've found thriftin?
This one particular ring that I got. It's gold and silver, and it looks like a big knot. My second favorite thing I've found is this pair of lace-up boots I found at Butter Toast.
What do you like to accessorizee with?
I'm pretty simple with accessories in general. I usually wear bracelets, necklaces and rings with an eastern or Native American influence. And I love a good tote bag. Leather tote bags are definitely my favoite.

Where would love to have a shopping spree?
I'd have to say Bergdorf Goodman. They have everything that's amazing there. Even though it's completely overpriced, I would not mind going on a shopping spree there.
What item of clothing do you covet at the moment?
There are these thigh-high, lace-up leather boots from Emilio Pucci, from his Spring 2011 show. I'm still drooling over them.  
Who are some of your style icons? 
I like Abbey Lee Kershaw's style a lot. I'm also into Diane von Furstenberg's style. I like the classic, lady-like thing she's got going. And I really like that 70s style aesthetic on women. They have this kind of world traveler feeling. 
Give us a childhood memory of you and clothing:
My childhood consisted of Garanimals! My mom was very tomboyish, so now I can see a lot of her style influenced me. I'm very minimal because I don't like to hassle a lot. It wasn't until I got out of high school that I started looking for my own style. I did it on my own. 
Name five things every woman should have in their closet?
1.     An oversized sweater.
2.     A blazer.
3.     A strong pair of pumps.
4.     A big leather tote bag.
5.     A good set of lingerie ("You need to feel sexy inside of your clothes just as much as you do on the outside.")

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