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Kathleen Vanesian on Phoenix Art Museum's "Order, Chaos, and the Space Between" in This Week's New Times

Kathleen Vanesian is no stranger to Latin American art. We've featured the New Times art critic's private collection of folk art, and you should see her collection of photographs from Cuba's biennale, her trips to Mexico to buy more artwork, and her catalog of research on the genre.

So her fascination with "Order, Chaos, and the Space Between: Contemporary Latin American Art," on view through May 5 at Phoenix Art Museum, is natural.

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Vanesian writes:

If your idea of Latin American art is limited to quaint portraits of indigenous women clutching calla lilies or balancing water jugs on their heads, you might have a hard time wrapping your head around "Order, Chaos, and the Space Between: Contemporary Latin American Art from the Diane and Bruce Halle Collection" at Phoenix Art Museum.

Carefully culled work from the formidable Halle collection, permanently housed right here in the Valley, takes up the entirety of PAM's main Steele Gallery, which has been transformed into a starkly minimalist, church-like space with vaulted center ceiling and mazes of what would be considered side chapels sheltering various artworks.

Read Vanesian's full review in the print edition of this week's New Times and online in "Phoenix Art Museum's Latest Show Is Not What You Might Expect -- in a Good Way" right here.

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