Keep on Trekkin'

Telling people they should hike in 115-degree heat is like plopping the London Bridge in the middle of some podunk Arizona town. Oh. Right.

That hiking hard-sell is at the core of the “Beat the Heat” Strategies Hike. During the two-miler on the Blevins Trail, a ranger will offer “practical tips” for year-round trekking. We do the 115 thing all the time, so we’ve got a few tips the ranger probably won’t mention:

1) Wear air-conditioned body armor and a beer helmet.

2) Make sure your affairs are in order.

3) Are you crazy?

Jokin’. Except for that last one.

Meet at the park’s Trail Staging Area.

Wed., July 16, 6 a.m., 2008
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Clay McNear
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