Khan Man

Sitar awareness isn't typically regarded as a major barometer for cultural sensibility -- though our general lack of knowledge about such a historically rich instrument (and subsequent genre of music) might be indicative of westerners' startling disregard for other cultures.

Now that you've been sufficiently patronized and are no doubt looking to redeem your sorely narrow-minded sense of artistic appreciation, you should know you're in luck. One of history's greatest sitar players, Shahid Parvez Khan, will bring India's coolest musical tradition to the Orpheum Theater, 203 West Adams, on Saturday, August 25. Tagging along will be Zakir Hussain, one of the world's finest living percussionists (dead ones don't tour much). Regardless of where you fall on the sitar scale, from Norwegian Wood crackerjack on down to Ravi-Shank-who? novice, you have a golden opportunity to enhance your palate by witnessing virtuosic, exotic greatness.

Sat., Aug. 25, 7:30 p.m., 2012
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Rob is a Phoenix native, husband, dad, and an active member in the local music scene. He's written original songs for feature films.
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