Kindle Cozy: Hide Your Electronic Reader

During a "book decline" debate at a recent Jackalope Ranch meeting, this Thrifty Maker had to confess -- she has a kindle.

But please, hers is fantastic (and barely noticeable behind a stylish case!). So she thought she'd share her secret: for those who fear the wrath of the die-hard, old-school, print-version readers, why not make a Kindle cozy to hide what you're really up to?

Learn how to cover your Kindle after the jump.

-- Wool Felt
-- Vintage fabric
-- Ribbon
-- Vintage button
-- Sewing machine
-- Scissors
-- Pinking Sheers
-- Thread (use a color that contrasts the felt and fabric)
-- Needle
-- Chipboard

1. Cut a piece of wool felt 18 in. high x -by-19-inches.
2. Fold in half length wise so it is 9-by-19-inches.

3. Trim long edges with pinking sheers.

4. Fold into three equal rectangles.
5. Cut two pieces of vintage fabric, one for the outer decorative strip (2-by-8 inches) and one for the inside pocket (2.5-by-6.5 inches).
6. Trim the outer decorative strip with pinking sheers for a decorative edge, sewn to the front felt flap on all four sides.

7. Fold over edges of the inside pocket fabric to create a (2-by-6 inches) strip. Sew three sides down to the inside flap of the felt. This will create a mini pocket to hold the Kindle.

8. Choose a vintage button and attach it, with needle and thread, to the right side of the front flap in the middle.

9. Wrap ribbon around the sewn button and wrap around to the back flap, sewn down to hold in place. When closed, this will hold the cozy shut.

10. Cut two pieces of chipboard to 8.5-by-6-inches and insert inside of the folded over felt, this will allow the front and back covers of the cozy to be sturdy

11. Now fold the inside flap over and sew down to the back flap on the sides and bottom only, leaving the top open, this creates a storage pouch for the Kindle when not in use

12. Sew around front flap all sides, to hold the chipboard in place

Enjoy hiding your guilty electronic reader!

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Cyndi Coon
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