King Pong

Here’s the sitch: You and your partner have managed to vanquish friend and foe alike at the alcohol-fueled bar sport of beer pong. The boys from the frat house? Easy pickings. The mooks down at the neighborhood tavern? Made ’em beg for mercy. But before anointing yourselves “champeens of the universe,” there’s one more mountain to climb: the World Series of Beer Pong in Las Vegas. To get there, you gotta trump the straight ballas at Arizona’s satellite tournament, the West Coast Beer Pong Tour. Local teams of two will attempt to prove who’s best at bouncing ping-pong balls into the brew-filled cups of their opponents during three days of competition. Cash prizes are offered, with the grand prize being entry into the WSOBP in January.
Fri., Oct. 17, noon; Sat., Oct. 18, noon; Sun., Oct. 19, noon, 2008
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