Kyle Landry of Shady's

Kyle Landry loves his job. We know this from the serious look on his face when checking an ID and the way his face lights up when asked about his job as a Shady's bouncer. This picture may say a little something too, were just not sure what.

The 24 year old has worked at Shady's, the neighborhood dive on 32nd Street and Indian School Road, for almost two years and clocks in six days a week. Safe to say that Kyle sees a lot of regular faces but you best believe he's still asking for identification.

Last Crazy Person at the Bar: This angry little hipster dude who was all of 140 lbs tried getting in my face. I literally picked him up and carried him out.

Best Part about the Job: Meeting new people.

Worst Part about the Job: Meeting new people. No, seriously.

Tell Tale Signs of a Fake ID: Height, weight and any distinct feature like moles plays a big role. If someone looks nervous and doesn't make a lot of eye contact, something's usually up. Also if people arrive in big groups.

Difference between Shady's and Bar in Scottsdale: I imagine there has to be an abundance of pretentious young people or people who have chips on their shoulders. We don't invite that here. They probably have to deal with a lot more fake IDs. Quite frankly, Scottsdale bars almost seem like amateur night at the Apollo compared to Shady's.

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