Laid in Japan

Deviant sex just doesn’t shock like it used to. Madonna made the lesbian kiss passé, CSI episodes about necrophilia and “furry sex” raised the perversion bar -- and who could forget Phoenix’s infamous Baby Man? Leave it to the Japanese to come up with something new. Yaoi (yah-oy), also called “Boy’s Love,” is animated guy-on-guy porn written by women for women. “Most yaoi is about romance, not hardcore sex,” says Rebecca Ruiz, promotions director of the weekend-long manga convention. “The love scenes are just an added bonus, much like romance novels add this component to their stories.” The inaugural event will feature a trivia game, yaoi bingo, and appearances by artists Mikiyo Tsuada (a.k.a. Taishi Zao), Eiki Eiki, and the girls of Le Peruggine. In a true display of effed-up fantasy, six studs in skimpy outfits will act out homoerotic scenarios chosen by the audience.
Fri., June 20; Sat., June 21; Sun., June 22, 2008
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Wynter Holden
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