Last Night's Outfit

Local designer Tiffe Fermaint is typically behind a sewing machine during the day, but at night she's behind her own camera lens documenting the best dressed night owls in Phoenix.

Her blog, Last Night's Outfit, is where she catalogs the latest men's and women's trends, including giant hair, insect-inspired jewelry, patterned fishnets, and men's makeup (more on that later).

On a nightly basis, you can run into her (and get your photo taken) at a few of her regular spots, including  Brick, The Quincy, Lost Leaf, and Bar Smith.

The designer/shutterbug recently celebrated her tenth year in the business and showcases her lines in local print spreads, fashion shows, and online. She says her style's inspired by music and club culture, but she's not afraid to mix in a little sci-fi (the collection she showed during Scottsdale Fashion Week was complete with neon lighting).

Fermaint's latest work is available her website or in a few local boutiques, and you can keep an eye out for her newest collection, which will be featured in a collaborative show with Chrystal Phelps at eyelounge gallery in June.

She writes that Last Night's Outfit is "fueled by stilettos, broken bottles and genteel disco ballerinas of the club generation."

And while we always want to see a few more broken bottles, we're happy to have her taking a few notes while we're either buzzed or fast asleep.

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