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Laurie Notaro's eBay-Inspired Holiday Gift Guide for Your "Unusual" Friends and Family

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Hitler Stamps

Gotta say I was shocked to stumble upon these, but not as shocked as I was to find out there were 110 other listings for Hilter stamps, too. Now, the last thing I want on my wedding invitation is the face of a mad man butcher, but if someone is selling these, someone else is collecting them. Should there be a mad man butcher/despot/dictator/blood thirsty asshole megalomaniac/neo-nazi in your family (we all have one!) your problem gift is solved. Imagine their faces when they open the tiny little box of ashes and then read the card the says, "These used to the Hitler stamps before I burned them like the garbage they are. Ho ho ho, Asshole."

I Will Legally Change My Name for a Year

Okay, so it's not as sexy as getting the losing team's logo tattooed on the side of a moron's face, but most of the people willing to make those offers have died in bathtub and light socket accidents, so the opportunities are far and few between. True, he's got a disclaimer, "Will legally change my name to anything not vulgar, sexually or derogatory," which wipes out 99 percent of the fun, but a creative person can work wonders with the very little that remains. If you are that person and you have $9,999, maybe you can beat out Mitt Romney when he places his bid for someone finally being called "President Romney" legally.

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Laurie Notaro