Legend City Studios Announces Chaos Theory 12

As if the lineup for the 12th installment of Chaos Theory, the annual art show/who's who in the local art community, couldn't get sweeter, organizer and local painter Randy Slack was nice enough to put donuts on the postcard. 

On October 7, the doors of Legend City Studios will open to work by more than 50 artists including Dose Fly Id, Jonathan Arvizu, Brent Bond, Luis Daniel Gutierrez, James Angel, Suzanne Meow Meow Falk, Jon Balinkie, Brandon Sullivan, David Dauncey, Melissa Martinez, Elizabeth Cheche, Steven Hofberger, Lara Plecas, Steven J. Yazzie, Hector Gregorio Ruiz, Shauna Thibault, Dayvid LeMmon, Mykil Zep, Rick Toerne, Christina Ramirez, Greg Esser, Carolyn Lavender, Derek A. Welte, Luster Kaboom, Brian Boner, Fausto Fernandez, Danielle Hacche, John Randall Nelson, Ruben Gonzales, Joe Willie Smith, Jason Rudolph Peña, Tara Logsdon, Abbey Messmer, Grant Wiggins, Colin Chillag, Sergio Aguirre, Matt Priebe, Brooke Grucella, Colton Brock and Emmett Potter (whew! To name a few ...).

Stay tuned to Jackalope Ranch for more information about the show and a look inside Legend City Studios, the 7000 sq foot working studio of photographers Brandon Sullivan and Camerawerks and painter Randy Slack, at 521 W Van Buren St., in Phoenix.

In the meantime, grab a donut. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.