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Lifetime to Make Sex-Soaked Jodi Arias Movie Based on Ongoing Trial (Big Surprise)

Because there's no use in waiting for the trial to be over or or giving those involved a minute for closure, Lifetime has confirmed that a movie based on the Jodi Arias circus trial is currently in the works.

The reported working title: Dirty Little Secret: The Jodi Arias Story.

In case you haven't been tuned in to our coverage (featured in this week's New Times cover story "Psycho Killer: Jodi Arias' Kinky Death-Penalty Trial") watching the news in the past month, Jodi Arias is accused of killing ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander. Alexander was found in his house in 2008 with multiple stab wounds, a slit throat, and a gunshot to the head. The evidence trail led to the 32-year-old Arias, who recently wrapped up her testimony in Phoenix.

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According to TV Guide Magazine, the movie will be a product of the braintrust of writers Richard Blaney and Gregory Small and executive producers Joshua D. Maurer, Judith Verno, and Alixandre Witlin (known for their work on Lifetime's The Craigslist Killer, Drew Peterson: Untouchable, and Who Is Clark Rockefeller?).

The "inspired by real-life courtroom drama" is far from new territory for the television network that produced Prosecuting Casey Anthony (Virginia Welch as Casey Anthony and Rob Lowe as prosecutor Jeff Ashton) and Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy. More than 3.3 million viewers tuned into the Casey Anthony Lifetime movie when it premeired on January 19 -- more than anything else on cable that night.

A casting call is online through City Entertainment and Peace Out Productions with a tentative date to begin filming on April 13.

No guarantees that the made-for-television trial will be any more dramatic through the Lifetime lens. While the Arias trial fanatics who have followed the sex-filled trial will be easy to capture and lure into the TV movie, Arias' performance on the stand will be tough to beat. (Good luck, Jennifer Love Hewitt.)

Stay tuned for what's bound to be an interesting trailer . . .

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