“Not Bob Lindbeck!” huffs a disclaimer on the band’s MySpace page. Hey, we can dig it. You pay your dues, you put in 10 years of really solid, Being There-era-Wilco-inspired alt-country, you get one of your songs on a freakin’ iMac commercial… and still, people mistake you for some over-the-hill Ozzy freak from New York who has, like, a little over 3,000 page views. Total bullshit. Then again, it has been a good three years since the Orange County, Calif. foursome put out their fourth and most recent album, Limbeck, so maybe the world needs a reminder that, you know, the not-Bob Lindbecks are still alive and rocking. That seems to be the underlying intent of this one-off gig in Phoenix, which will reunite the California-based half of the band (lead vocalist Robb MacLean and guitarist Patrick Carrie) with the dudes who moved away. Following an acoustic show in Los Angeles a few weeks ago, MacLean and Carrie distributed 75 copies of a new, unreleased EP, so maybe they’ll test out some new songs, too. And if you need more incentive to go: Know that one of them is the spitting image of badger-like funnyman Zach Galifianakis. Can’t you just see him screaming “Not Bob Lindbeck!”? Comedy gold.
Sat., March 20, 8 p.m., 2010
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Craig Outhier