Local Heroes

If comic-book movies have taught us anything, it’s that fights between superheroes and their respective nemeses tend to result in rampant destruction. Just look at X-Men: The Last Stand, in which the donnybrook between Magneto’s Brotherhood of Mutants and that hairy little freak Wolverine devastated the city of San Francisco.

So since there’s going to be a massive Comic Book Super Battle somewhere in the ’Nix on Saturday, June 27, does this mean you should double up on homeowner’s insurance? Probably not, as this spandex-clad melee will likely involve wanna-be caped crusaders using squirt guns and pillow fights rather than heavies like Victor Von Doom unleashing death rays. But that doesn’t mean this pseudo-slugfest is gonna be any less entertaining.

Organized by the urban pranksters of AZ Improv and the local chapter of the Cacophony Society, the event will be an “epic, cosmic, colorful, spandexy war” between made-up costumed heroes and villains at some as-yet-unspecified locale in the East Valley. Participants are encouraged to dream up their own original alter egos (no Spider-Man or Batman doppelgangers allowed) with an emphasis on gaudy and over-the-top outfits.

Sat., June 27, 3 p.m., 2009
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Benjamin Leatherman is a staff writer at Phoenix New Times. He covers local nightlife, music, culture, geekery, and fringe pursuits.