Local Motors and its Rally Fighter at Gangplank's Brownbag series

Hope you packed a lunch.

Gangplank, the Chandler-based collaborative workspace, is hosting Jay Rogers, Local Motors Co-founder and CEO, as a part of its Brownbag series on Wednesday, May 26, at noon.

Local Motors is opening a micro-factory in Chandler in late July -- you may have seen its building off of the 1-10, close to Gila River Casino. No signage yet, but you can probably hear the engines from miles away.

Rogers says the company chose Phoenix because of its latest model, The Rally Fighter (pictured above), which will be manufactured at the new plant.

"It's absolutely a desert car and because of the car culture and excellent terrain here, we had to choose Phoenix ... You don't find the car shows or car fanatics that exist here anywhere else."

Rogers will be speaking (while eating) about his open-design business model -- meaning the software and designs are open to the public under a Creative Commons license and can be built upon (if not produced for profit).

Other Local Motors members will also be in attendance to meet with other brownbaggers, gangplankers and car fanatics, alike.

Oh, and they're bringing the car.

The Local Motors crew met Gangplank owners at South by Southwest, a music and interactive technology festival, and were invited to present.

"We're excited to bring the first Local Motors micro-factory to Phoenix. We can't wait to have the chance to interact with the community like we will tomorrow. It's going to be a lot of fun."

The brownbag is free and open to the public. Gangplank Headquarters can be found at 325 East Elliot Rd Suite 34 in Chandler.

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