Local Motors Introduces its Rally Fighter

Congratulate Gregg Nourjian if you see him at the Local Motors grand opening in Chandler this weekend -- he owns the first official Rally Fighter (pictured above).

Well, as soon as he builds it.

The Local Motors' micro-factory landed in Phoenix based solely on the design of its Rally Fighter. The slick black, all-terrain vehicle was the winner of a design contest just a year ago and is now the result of a combined car fanatic effort.

"[The Rally Fighter] is absolutely a desert car and because of the car culture and excellent terrain here, we had to choose Phoenix," says Jay Rogers, co-founder of Local Motors.

Rogers and his team from literally all over the world have been working odd (and all) hours in their Chandler factory. On Monday, there were blue tape lines on the concrete floor where glass walls, indoor sidewalks and a small cafe will be this Saturday.

While there will be no car-building on Saturday, the beta Rally Fighter will be out on the track to the tune of live music by Black Carl, and the building will be open for viewing, shopping and most likely a lot of drooling.

Now back to Nourjian; He has a few busy weekends ahead of him. After being hooked by the Rally Fighter and forking over the $50k to buy one, he'll be a part of the first Rally Fighter co-hort -- a team of customer/builders and Local Motors builder trainers -- who will undergo 30 hours of intense labor. That's 30 hours in six days over two weekends. Yield: one bad ass car.

"The Rally Fighter is absolutely an investment," says Rogers (who's testing the Rally Fighter shocks in the video above). "But it means we attract people who absolutely love cars and want to learn more."

Local Motors is currently focused on an audience that lives within five hours of the factory -- Rogers hopes this will create a community around the vehicle and ultimately, the buyer must travel to Chandler to buy/build one (though Rogers says they may consider online sales in the future).

And the future of such a business plan is uncertain; Rogers says that while the Rally Fighter is his absolute focus right now, there may be more designs and micro-factories in the future.

The rundown for Saturday: doors at Local Motors (1576B South Nelson Rd. in Chandler) open at 6:30 p.m. and the festivities, including drinks, appetizers and a whole lot of engine, will continue until 9:30 p.m.. More event details here.

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Claire Lawton
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