Local Zine Tempe Starving Artist to Return to Print in November

When Robbie Pfeffer started printing copies of Tempe Starving Artist in 2009, it was a few pages dedicated to local art and music -- mostly his friends' gigs.

But the publication grew. Pfeffer started printing more pages (and in color), his scope broadened to include hundreds of local artists who work in a variety of media, and Tempe Starving Artist began to host art shows, open mics, and concerts.

Pfeffer pulled the plug on the physical zine in June 2011 to focus on the events while publishing occasionally on Tumblr. And after more than a year on hiatus, the local creative is going back to print.

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Starting this November, Pfeffer says a new crew will relaunch TSA as a monthly, free zine that will be all over his "favorite locally owned shops."

The first issue will include work and interviews with JJ Horner, Danny Valdez, Chris Czaja, Suzanne Falk, Sentrock, Kooz, Virginia Earle, Josue Brockmann, Jason Rudolph Peña, Aaron Motley, and Scott Bowen.

The TSA website will also feature arts and music content and Pfeffer says he still plans on throwing an assortment of events including book clubs, movie nights, bike rides, concerts, and gallery shows.

Pfeffer and the TSA crew will host a first release party on November 3 at Long Wongs in Tempe at 8 p.m.

For more info, stay tuned to the TSA website.

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Claire Lawton
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