Locally Made Valentine Love

Valentine's Day is around the corner, and let's be real: Drugstore candy boxes, stuffed animals and red roses are so unoriginal. Luckily, we have some local creatives who are cooking up a few things for the holiday and taking orders ahead of time ...

1) Set of 5 morbid valentines ($12) by Lizzified
Not the sentimental type? Lizzified sells a pack of 5 cards depicting an array of comically gruesome scenes. Random sets are on sale online at Etsy or at the Firehouse Gallery located Downtown.

2) LOVE Tee ($21) by Finley & Oliver
Show your kids the love with these adorable graphic printed tees for kids of all ages in a variety of colors.

3) Conversation Candy Heart Earrings ($17.99) by Crafty Chica
Wear your heart on your ... ear. These confessional confections that use Spanish to convey passion are by local crafting fave, Crafty Chica.

4) Cookies and cupcakes from Urban Cookies
Are sweets the way to your valentine's heart? Urban cookies has a variety of gifting options, from a single cupcake (Strawberry is the flavor of the month in February) in a fancy gift box that runs $5 to a Signature 24-pack of cookies, also festively decorated, that will cost you $27.99.

5) Downloadable Cards (free!) by Heather Hales
Cute messages at a price you can afford -- free! Downloadable print-your-own Valentines by local artist, Heather Hales ensure that warm Valentines Day messages for everyone you love are within your budget (if you have a printer).

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Carrie Wheeler

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