Look Homeward, Fallen Angel

Thomas Wolfe was apparently mistaken: You can go home again. But if you do, terrible things may well befall you, as happens to Bruce Graham’s fictional Deke Winters, a former high-powered lawyer who’s recently lost his wife and all his money. In Graham’s play Minor Demons, Deke has scampered back to the small town where he grew up, hoping to start over again, and longing for a simpler, less dramatic life.

The joke, of course, is on poor Deke, whose lifelong best friend is now the police chief of his hometown. The first case Deke is offered involves a terrible murder by a 15-year-old boy, whom Deke can set free with some lawyerly string-pulling. But will he? And if not, will it bust up his oldest friendship? Graham’s drama explores the darkest side of truth-telling and puts a new spin on small-town politics in the bargain.

Thursdays-Saturdays. Starts: Feb. 26. Continues through March 14, 2009
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