Lords of the Ring

Heard any good ginger jokes lately? Such jeers might come in handy when dissing the red-haired rapscallion Sheamus O'Shaunessy, as the World Wrestling Entertainment competitor is a bit touchy about his pale white skin and fiery-colored mane.

A word to the wise, however: Make sure Sheamus isn’t within arms’ reach when taunting the villainous wrestler about his appearance during the taping of WWE Smackdown, as the 6-foot-6 behemoth known as “The Irish Curse” might just answer back with a few thunderous punches to your noggin.

Sheamus is just one of the many WWE superstars who will make an appearance at US Airways Center, 201 East Jefferson Street, on Tuesday, June 28, for a night of goofy grappling fun. Mexican wrestling sensation Sin Cara, Canadian-born creepazoid Christian, World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton, and the towering Ezekiel Jackson are also scheduled to perform.

Tue., June 28, 6:45 p.m., 2011
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