Love Bytes

Social media has been a blessing and a curse to dating. For every coupling that’s come about via Twitter or Foursquare, there are an equal number of relationships that have gone south after a paramour discovered their partner “poking” an ex, either IRL or online.

Such is the subject matter being skewered during Sex and the Second City, Version 2.0, the latest yukkfest from the Chicago-based Second City improvisational comedy powerhouse. The troupe explores how funny looking for love in all the wrong digital places can be. Co-writers Kirk Hanley and Maribeth Monroe perform alongside Carisa Beccera and Jimmy Carlson, during a 90-minute romp that pokes fun at online dating through a collection of sexy sketch comedy vignettes.

Thu., March 10, 7:30 p.m.; Fri., March 11, 8 p.m.; Sat., March 12, 2 & 8 p.m.; Sun., March 13, 1 p.m.; Thu., March 17, 7:30 p.m.; Fri., March 18, 8 p.m.; Sat., March 19, 2 & 8 p.m.; Sun., March 20, 1 p.m., 2011
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Jose Gonzalez