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Luster Kaboom on The Phoenix New Times Building (VIDEO)

It's about time Phoenix sees some serious mural love. In the interest of giving credit to their artists and because we're losing track of the times we've said, "Whoa, when did that go up?", we bring you Mural City, a series on the murals springing up around town -- their artists, their hosts and their inspirations.

I first met David Quan on a hot summer afternoon in 2010. He was wearing long sleeves and a big safari hat. From a ladder outside Downtown's Trunk Space, he was spray-painting a few outlines and listening to his iPod over the hum of his air compressor. 

Beatrice Moore, who owns neighboring Kooky Krafts, had posted a dozen photos of his progress on Facebook and called to say that I'd better check out what Quan was up to -- the local illustrator and painter was adding details to his mural of a huge, green monster with nerdy glasses and a big beard. 

When I pulled into the small parking lot on Grand Avenue, he stopped painting to eat a few melted Kit Kats and talk about his fear of sunburns, his love of comics, and his first real mural effort. 

In a year, Quan, who also goes by Luster Kaboomhas boomed in his own way in the local street art community. You'd be hard-pressed not to find one of his murals on Grand Avenue (where he's painted at least three and helped with a few others) and you can still see his latest and potentially last, local mural on the Phoenix New Times building at 1201 E. Jefferson. 

Read more about Quan's background, future, and latest mural in Kaboom Town in this week's issue of New Times, and check out a video of his mural on our building after the jump ...

In October, to celebrate this year's Best of Phoenix (and perhaps to get another mural under his belt) Quan agreed to paint an underground scene on the north-facing wall of The Phoenix New Times building. 

Drive by to check it out, and see a video starring Quan's own mural characters below ... 


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