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Mad Monster Party Announces Its First Guests, Including Kane Hodder (a.k.a. Jason Vorhees)

Attention, horror film geeks and promiscuous teenyboppers, Jason Vorhees is headed our way next year. And he's bringing Repo! The Genetic Opera's Paviche "Pavi" Largo and Riff Randell from Rock 'n' Roll High School with him.

The actors and actress behind this crew of iconic cult and horror film characters will head to Phoenix next summer for the Mad Monster Party, scheduled to take place in June, according to updates made to the event's Facebook page over Thanksgiving weekend.

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This past Friday, Mad Monster Party's promoters began announcing the first wave of special guests for the four-day convention, including Kane Hodder, the actor and stuntman famous for portraying Vorhees in four of the films from the Friday the 13th slasher film series and Leatherface in one of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequels.

Another name announced on Friday may be familiar to cult film fans: P.J. Soles. During the heyday of her career in the 1970s, the actress was not only featured in such horror flicks as Halloween, Carrie, and Blood Bath, but also the John Travolta vehicle The Boy in the Plastic Bubble. Soles' most notorious role, however, came in 1979 when she starred as the Ramones-obsessed teenager Riff Randell in rock, rock, rock, rock Rock 'n' Roll High School.

Rounding out the first wave of Mad Monster guests is musician and performance artist Nivek Ogre, a founding member of landmark industrial band Skinny Puppy who performed as the ultra-vain (and ultra-freaky) Pavi Largo in the film version of cultr classic Repo! The Genetic Opera.

Mad Monster organizers told Jackalope Ranch that more special guests, as well as ticket prices, will be announced before the end of the year. Stay tuned.

Mad Monster Phoenix is scheduled to take place from June 13 to June 15 at the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel.

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