MADCAP Theaters Closes for the Summer

Tempe's MADCAP Theaters announced over the weekend that they'll be closing for the summer and canceling all film programming until the school year starts back up (or until it cools down).

The independent theater on Mill Avenue is currently raising funds to repair its air conditioners, a job they estimate will cost $40,000 for replacement parts in the two lobby units and staged auditorium.

"Being located in a hot, desert, climate, we have run into an obstacle," MADCAP representatives write on the fundraising page. "The 16 year old building has over 50,000 square feet, 6 auditoriums, two lobbies and two service floors that require air conditioning. Currently the A/C units are not functioning properly which means we cannot create a comfortable environment for our artists and patrons."

MADCAP has currently raised $500 and has about 60 days to raise the remainder if they wish to receive full funding from indiegogo, an online fundraising platform.

Theater representatives write on MADCAP's website that if funds are not raised, they will take the donations to an air conditioning company who'd be willing to work with them.

When we spoke with MADCAP programming coordinators in June, they were optimistic about continuing summer programming and had no plans of shutting in for a few months. The announcement states that the venue will still be open for Anthem weekly worship on Sundays. MADCAP coordinators have yet to return our phone calls about the closure.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.