MADONE's "Differences" Tonight at SOLA

MAD ONE (aka Mike Neely) is leaving town.

The local street art brain behind more than a few notable stencils, stickers, and pieces around the street scene and rotating shows at Atmosphere Salon and Cartel Coffee is putting up a few of his pieces from his latest series, "Differences" before he goes.

Neely says the series was inspired by Japanese artwork he saw in a restaurant a few months ago.

In "Differences," you can expect to see a departure from Neely's typically character-heavy pieces, including the mass-produced profiles of mob bosses and Sheriff Joe, which have been spotted on stickers, posters, and canvases around town.

His goal for "Differences" is to have a selection of affordable artwork and limited edition prints available, and while he swears he's shipping out for good in the next few months, we know he'll be back to host the annual Sticker Phiends show in April.

SOLA, at 7124 E. 5th Avenue, will host Neely's work through February, and will have drink specials and live music for the show's opening tonight from 6 to 9 p.m..

For more information, check out SOLA's website or Neely's flickr page.

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