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Making Monsters Episode Featuring Chambers of Fear and Phoenix Comicon Airs This Sunday

Phoenix Comicon's preview night has never been the biggest part of the annual four-day fandom free-for-all. And that's not a slight by any means. It's always has a good turnout, typically amongst the more die-hard members of local geekdom who are eager for a peek at what's going down in the exhibition hall, but never gets so chaotic and crowded that people have to fight for breathing room.

And if you happened to be one of these early birds who was out and about on the Thursday before this year's Comicon officially started, be sure to program the DVR to record the Travel Channel on Sunday evening, since you might be on national television. The cable network's horror-themed reality show Making Monsters airs its season premiere this weekend, that includes footage shot at Chambers of Fear's booth during preview night.

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