Manifesto No. 2

Continuing Manifestos, a collection of 10(ish) life lessons and rules written by local creatives and illustrated by local designers.

Up today, lessons learned by interior designer Jill Anderson, illustrated below by John Walters:

Read Anderson's Manifesto below: 

1. I like shiny things. Get over it. 

2. Sheets are important. 

3. It is, and always will be, Tom Ford's Black Orchid. 

4. Faux never really works. 

5. Popcorn is underrated. 

6. Complete honesty in a relationship is overrated. 

7. I will judge you by your playlist. 

8. Beaches trump mountains. 

9. Travel is my first love. 

10. Less really is more.

-- Jill Anderson

About the creative: 
Jill Anderson is an interior designer at Wiseman & Gale Interiors in Scottsdale who has a serious eye for all things fabulous. 

About the designer: 
John Walters a local designer whose work has been featured in Phoenix New Times (he was formerly assistant art director), DRAFT Magazine, and McMurry publications . See more of his work on his website.

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