Manifestos: A Series of Life Lessons and Rules by Phoenix Creatives

Sometime around New Year, we got to thinking about manifestos. 

A local designer wrote one of her own and posted it to her Facebook page (we'll re-post it here soon). It was simple -- 10 things she believes in and lives by every day. 

Manifestos have a long history. They've been written for political and religious reasons; they've been used in declarations and novels.

For the purpose of our series, we're sticking to the basics. What are 10 things that you live by, strive for, and have learned along the way?

Throughout 2012, we'll be collecting manifestos by local creatives -- writers, painters, politicians, sculptors, designers, leaders, poets, scientists, teachers, business owners, and thinkers -- and collaborating with designers to illustrate each. 

Stay tuned for our first manifesto...

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