Margaret Cho Is Coming to Phoenix

Outspoken comedian Margaret Cho returns to the Valley on Tuesday, December 3, as part of her "Mother" tour, which doesn't entirely focus on the Korean woman who loves to scream Cho's birth name, Moran, when it's time for dinner.

Maternal figures are a big part of the show, but so are sexuality and politics.

One of Cho's most hilarious (and political, though absurd) recent roles was her portrayal of the late Kim Jong-Il on 30 Rock. The dictator and Tracy Jordan pal always had positive things to say about North Korea, even though he later kept showing up in random places in America.

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After releasing a few live DVDs and irking some conservatives by wearing a rainbow dress for gay pride on Dancing With the Stars, Cho set up a mom-centric tour, which makes its way to Orpheum Theatre on Tuesday, December 3.

Tickets cost $35 to $65 and are available via Lucky Man as of today. Due to adult content, the show is suggested for an 18-and-over audience only.

For more information, visit Margaret Cho's website.

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