Market Ecology

We hate to talk about what Phoenix isn’t, but when it comes to homegrown farmers’ markets, our fresh-from-the-Earth emporiums are either tucked away in random nooks of Maricopa County or operate for only half the year. Maybe this explains why local farmer/artist/overall good guy John Milton has opened Farmer John Milton’s Artisan Market and School in his underground warehouse.

His space — known for its art shows, indie-film screenings, and legendary parties — will become a supermarket on steroids (organic ’roids, of course) each Saturday. Milton, who owns an organic gardening and edible-landscaping business, will supply produce, soups, salsas, stews, and more. The market will also feature cooking demos and artsy classes, many which will be free. “I’ll be teaching sewing, gardening, canning, threading, homesteading . . . basically, activities that will lessen people’s impact on the environment,” says Milton.

Saturdays, 9 a.m.-3 p.m., 2008
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Steve Jansen
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