Marni for H&M: The Good, The Bad, and The Stuff We'll Wrestle You For

Now that you've had time to mull over Marni's upcoming capsule collection for fashion-for-the-masses retailer H&M, we present our take on the line -- full of primal-meets-geometric patterns, chunky jewelry, exotic prints, and unexpected shapes.

As is the case with all diffusion lines, this one (the follow-up to H&M's collab with Versace) offers up stellar deals for designer duds, including dresses and jackets starting at about $80 and accessories around $20. (Note: Dresses from Marni proper reach the $1000 mark and sunglasses weigh in at around $400). 

While the two don't overlap in price, they do share their designer Consuelo Castiglioni's penchant for clean lines, splashy colors, and bold accessories.

So, from Marni's H&M collection (which goes on sale March 8) here they are: the good, the bad, and the stuff we are willing to wrestle over on the mall floor.

the bad: marni for h&m

Images Courtesy of H&M

Five Things We Wouldn't Wear If You Paid Us
1. Striped Green Cardigan: We're not really in the mood to look like a fat frog, like, ever. So this one's a definite no.

2. Blue Checkered Swimsuit: Butt ruffles are acceptable on swimsuits... never. Sorry, everyone and babies.

3. Straw Hat: Just. WTF?

4. Black sequined Collar: Q: If your shirt wasn't made with a collar, why (of all things) add to it a floppy, sequined, tie-on one? A: Mystery.

5. Dotted Black Jacket: Vaguely cheerful mortician's jackets aren't on our list of spring must-haves.

the good: marni for h&m

Images Courtesy of H&M

Five Things We Like and Want
1. Blue and Crystal Sunglasses: These oversize sporty frames fit for fighting off summer rays.

2. Plastic Leaves Necklace: We vote yes to (almost) any jewelry that looks like it could double as crude weaponry.

3. Zig-Zag Dress: This playful print is the most wearable from the collection -- whether to work or for a spring getaway.

4. Skinny Red Belt: With all of Marni's slouchy, loose-fitting silhouettes, a waist-defining little red belt could get a lot of wear.

5. Flowery T-shirt: Ignore the sparkly collar and the diaper cover down below. This cotton tee, with muted pinks and purples, would work for lazy lounging or under a lightweight blazer.

our faves: marni for h&M

Images Courtesy of H&M

Five Things We Will Straight Up Body Slam You Over
1. Orb Print Dress: Patterns are big this spring and going into summer, so stock up on kooky, colorful frocks to your little heart's delight.

2. Grassy Green Tote: This two-tone tote is the perfect bright accessory for springtime.

3. Pink and Cream Bracelet: This chunky, embellished wristwear has us craving summertime smoothies and ice cream.

4. Dot and Grid Cardigan: When the outdoors heat up and our office blasts the AC, we'll sport this lightweight mixed-pattern pink, cream, and chocolate cardi.

5. Metallic Sandal: So minimal. So chic. So needs to be in our closet.

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